3 Reasons why looking sharp is essential for every man.

3 Reasons why looking sharp is essential for every man.

When I look around in our world I see too many people dressing down in life. You can hardly notice any difference in mens or womans wear! In an ever changing world, taste and style seem to have made way for functionality. That’s outrageous!


Ok. I get it, sometimes it might feel tempting to wear practical clothes. Such as zip down trousers that can be both shorts and long trousers. But you’re not going for safari or camping, so just don’t wear them. This is a motivational article written to encourage you to upgrade your style and taste for your choice of clothing. I hope it’ll make you think twice next time you’re in front of your wardrobe or when you’re shopping.

Reason 1

Let’s be honest, we all appreciate it when a classic woman walks down the street all dressed up. A nice dress or skirt, beautiful hair and maybe some sexy heels. You get the picture. Why would we want, or even expect a woman to dress up, when we think we don’t need to do so ourselves? If it comes to our own clothing we think we don’t need to walk the extra mile.Think about it, women probably feel the same when they see a man walking past all dressed up. Or at least tried to. If you do, perhaps next time she’ll look at you and grant you a smile.


Reason 2

If it’s not for the women you should dress up it’s definitely for your career. Studies have proven various times that good looking people are more successful. You’ll be taken more serious, and achieve more when you’re making sure you look good.  The essence of looking good is not a perfect bone structure, smooth skin, the best haircut or an athletic body. It’s tasteful clothing, proper hygiene and self-confidence (reason 3) that make people judge if you look good or not.


Reason 3

As I mentioned above: self-confidence. You just simply feel better if you look good. Everyone notices it when you dress up, you’ll just feel like a better person. When you dress up, the world smiles at you.

What’s keeping you from looking good?

So there’s enough reasons to choose to look sharp. What is keeping people from dressing up good? I think a lot comes down to being afraid to look different others. For example: I’ve been wearing bow-tie’s for a while now and I’ve noticed that people just have to say something about it. The fact that I have to explain why I wear a bow tie is a reason that shows people think it’s strange to look different. What I do when they ask me why I’m wearing a bow-tie? I prank about it and don’t give it any further attention. You shouldn’t either. Look at it as a compliment.


This is a cheesy quote but I’m still going to use it, it fits right in:


“A wolf doesn’t lie awake about the opinion of sheep.”


Be confident and choose to stand out, be someone. Dare to be unique and good looking!


Is it the money?

Another reason that’s keeping people from looking good could be money. Choices are always made according to priority so if you don’t give it any priority you probably wouldn’t spend any money on nice clothing. If you look at reason #2 it’s a very good choice to put good clothing higher on your priority list, because it’ll help you becoming more successful and wealthy.

Invest in a good wardrobe is worth it. It doesn’t necessary mean you have to spend more money on your clothes. It’s better to buy quality clothing and wear it more often then buying lots of cheap(er) clothing. The quality looks better and it’s better for the environment!