Motivation: 6 Rules to succes and achieving your goals

Do you have a goal?

I've got a feeling that when you look around, if you're being honest to yourself, you'd admit this current life is perhaps not entirely how you thought it'd be when you were growing up. Am I right? No, I'm not talking about you wanting to become a fireman or rally racer. I'm talking about the goals you wanted to achieve when you were growing up. Like being a professional athlete, a successful businessman, travel the world or another pretty big goal. 

And I know, life ain't easy. It's not possible because of one or another excuses you've came up with and keep telling yourself everyday. But you can't use that as an excuse now. 

Quit thinking negative and stop finding excuses right away! 

Be hungry, get your ass out of your comfort zone!

Quit listening to those who say it ain't possible or that your ideas are stupid. You gotta believe in you! If you believe in it, it is possible! Rather fail, get back up and try again than just don't try at all. All the fails are learning curves too, you'll get more experienced by each decision to try already. 

Be persistent, you know what you're doing right?!

When you know what you want, what you're aiming for you got to be persistent. Find out what it is that drives you and trust me, nothing will stop you. Nothing. 

It ain't your physical body that's your greatest asset, it's your mind. Use it! Use your mind and imagination, work hard and fight for your goals. 

Be aware, life is what you make of it!

Life is life? Hell no. Life is what you make of it. You could of course walk the easy road, but life will get boring and might even feels hard because you're not getting in life what you were wishing for when growing up. If you choose to walk the other path, you'll gain fulfilment which feels - trust me here - a lot better. You'll grow, grow and grow. So step it up and take control of your own life. Go beyond and live your dreams, if everyone can do it you can do it too!

Quit those excuses and stop telling yourself you cannot do it. It takes courage, I know but it'll be worth it. 

Follow my 6 rules and stick to it, this is your recipe to success! 

  1. Write down your goals and dreams. Know why you want them to come true. 
  2. Read them everyday after waking up and tell yourself this is my day!
  3. Don't listen to the critics around you.
  4. Believe in yourself you can achieve anything
  5. Don't listen to the critic that is you. 
  6. And most important; don't give up.

Having trouble believing in yourself?

Think about someone like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He isn't as confident as he is because he is different. He is as confident as he is because he believes he is different. See the difference there? It's the magic word, believe. 

The one and only reason for not achieving goals and dreams is you. So live your life with passion and fight for those goals and dreams! 

As if this blog isn't motivational enough, why don't you scroll trough my motivational video's page? I bet you'll get lots of inspiration there!